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sherri faced a dilemma ...

Like most working moms, Sherri feels stretched too thin, working hard at her job during the day and spending most of her free time shuttling her adolescent daughter to various activities. She stays in balance by carving out precious time for exercise and date night. Lately she’s noticed that her mom has had some falls and seems to be forgetting things more. Sherri realized that if something were to happen to her mom, she doesn’t fully know what her wishes would be, much less how to honor those wishes while still managing to work and be a good mom.




You might not have considered it, but chances are, you will probably find yourself in this “Sandwich Generation” soon enough. If you have kids and your parents are still alive, you’re in this category already, pulling a double-duty caregiving role.


Being part of the “Sandwich Generation” doesn’t have to be a frustrating and frightening situation. There are considerations that can make this time of life peaceful and wonderful for you and your entire family.


So what’s the best way to avoid the headaches and possible problems that can come with this important duty?





Sherri heard about Silver Compassion and the Life Compass Plan™. She realized that by taking the time to plan, she was able to build a life that she wanted that allowed her to be her best self by establishing a healthy balance between her personal well being, caring for her aging parent, and having a quality relationship with her child. Because she was proactive, she strengthened her family relationships and found a new sense of peace about the future.




Although crucially important, end-of-life matters are so often avoided, swept under the rug. We somehow deny that death is a natural part of life. Too many avoid facing it until they absolutely must.


In fact, 60% of people say that making sure that their family is not burdened by tough decisions is “extremely important” but 74% of US adults have not communicated their end-of-life wishes through advance directives and 55% die without a will at all.



We believe that courageously accomplishing end-of-life planning is an act of celebrating life and honoring all of those who have come before us. It’s also an incredibly important gift to those we leave behind.


By attending to these important details that most tend to avoid, you are actively saying “I care.” You are taking care of the what matters most: Family. Connection. Love.


Completing the information in this First Folder (the essentials) puts you ahead of 80% of Americans in planning for end-of-life. It will only take a few hours to complete, but will save you exponentially more in future time and overwhelm. (Beyond the essentials contained in the First Folder, we also offer our Life Compass Plan and comprehensive services that will help take you the rest of the way in easy-to-follow, manageable steps.)


There is a special feeling that comes with doing the things that are hard to do but necessary.


We are dedicated to making this process as easy and clear as possible for you so that you can spend your time and energy enjoying what precious time is left with those you love the most.


We are ...

Join us.



what do I get with my donation?

With every donation of $50 or more, our gift to you is what we call the "First Folder." So what will you accomplish by completing your First Folder?

  • You will complete all the most vital paperwork that most people avoid.
  • You will complete your Advanced Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Living Will and Revocable Trust, among other vital documents.
  • You will enjoy that feeling of accomplishment of completing a task that might have been hanging over your head for a while.
  • You'll have a sense of relief that comes from being on the same page with your loved ones so you can enjoy the rest of your time together.


The Triangle and Triad regions of North Carolina are our primary service areas. Your donation allows Silver Compassion to provide services regardless of ability to pay.